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PLANIT real estate utilizes the internet to generate ample leads and train on the latest. It is now Your turn to in us and learn from the best. Be the best you can be!


Looking for the Right Brokerage?

Real Estate Agent Career at PLANIT Real EstateRealWay Realty values its reputation as a virtual real estate brokerage, first of its kind in Canada, a virtual Brokerage serving the Canadian real estate community. We pride ourselves on a group spirit that blends professional excellence, continuous learning and forward looking technologies to produce successful and productive agents.

RealWay Realty is an ambitious, entrepreneurial real estate company, active in both the residential and commercial market. We offer personal attention and service to our clients. We take great care to recruit and develop highly skilled and motivated salespeople, who value the supportive atmosphere that only an independent real estate firm can offer.

“We are not in the business of collecting desk fees.”

We look for outstanding professionals active in homes, condos new construction and commercial real estate, professionals who seek and appreciate a culture of trust and collaboration, those who understand the real estate business of the future and who want to reach their full earning potential.

RealWay Associates, with some who have started started their real estate careers with other companies, value the long-term relationships and brand loyalty that RealWay Realty has to offer.

Our Focus

Like-minded Professionals

RealWay is suitable for associates that think like us. We want to build a team of same-minded professionals in order to excel as a team and company. If you too believe:

  • The Internet is where the future of Real Estate is
  • Technology drives today’s real estate business
  • The Company should offer more support
  • Lead Generation is difficult but important
  • Prospects are more knowledgeable than ever
  • Information must be given out quickly and freely

… then we want to hear from you. We’ll make sure it’s worth your time with us!

Real Estate Licensing

RealWay Realty associates are all Licensed to work in Real Estate. If you are already enrolled in courses, considered one of our programs to give you a head start. Our skill training sessions will set you apart from the competition. For employment at RealWay, you’ll need the following:

  • Ontario Real Estate License
  • Sales Experience
  • College or university degree preferred
  • Marketing or business background preferred
  • Basic Computer and Internet skills
  • Phone sales experience.

Real Estate Training

In the new realm of real estate, an agent must possess a diversified skill set. What we know becomes obsolete fast. The process of ‘catching up’ is a constant in agents’ daily life. We provide it daily:

  • Market knowledge
  • Negotiation
  • Legal pitfalls
  • Salesmanship
  • Client relations
  • Business & Lead Generation
  • Customer Service

If you possess experience in these skills, you are just a few of months away from excellence!