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Our Broker of Record

Sam Kamoutsis is the Broker of Record and Owner of RealWay Realty Inc.

Our Broker has completed studies in Education, Computer Science and Real Estate to mane a few. Prior to real estate, Sam has 30+ years of Information Technology consulting experience.

RealWay Realty has all the Web, Marketing, Social Media and IT Management expertise it needs all in-house!

During his career in real estate, he journeyed through the ‘best’ and the ‘worse’. He was never satisfied with what Brokerages were offering in the marketplace.

With an undeniable educational, technological and creative background, Sam created a real estate company that bucks the trend with many Real Estate Firms. He has assisted many Realtors under his supervision as a team leader. Sam always supplied work to his team members. He believes that his own name need not be in the forefront of all deals but instead… provide all the necessary tools to your agents to build their business successfully!

Sam loves sharing his knowledge and experience with those who wish to improve and follow the future of real estate. Get together with Sam for a confidential interview. You will find out how to improve your real estate business and remain in the business for a long time!

Sam Kamoutsis

Sam Kamoutsis

Broker of Record

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