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With the advent of the Internet, the availability and accessibility of information and the continuous and ever increasing population of tech/internet savvy users, more and more people are and will be turning to the Internet in order to obtain preliminary information and to support or conclude decisions.

Real estate buyers, sellers, renters, investors, builders, developers and financiers are not an exception as the Internet provides them with an increase in efficiency, time management, what-if-analysis, comparison, flexibility, and much more.

More and more people are now using the Internet to research neighborhoods, amenities, service offerings, pricing and more, prior to buying, selling, renting, building or developing real properties. For the past decade, all high school graduates whether moving forward to community colleges, universities or schools of higher education or not, have been and will be using the Internet as the main source of information. This will be so for all future generations.

The new generation of real estate clients require different services, price structure and real estate solutions in line with their skills, knowledge, education as well as the current and future economic conditions.

RealWay Realty provides services in both the residential and commercial market segments based on its viable, profitable and sustainable business model, offering an attractive  “fee for services” as well as “free services” in line with the changing market in order to generate multiple streams of income.

RealWay Realty ‘s core services are designed to attract and meet the current and future needs of the real estate salesforce and the public as well as developers, builders and financial institutions in the changing real estate market.

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