PLANIT Real Estate, a technology leader, has created the REAL ESTATE WARRIOR of the future!


A real estate technology leader

Together we are creating the REAL ESTATE WARRIOR of the future.

New technologies have supplied us with a bevy of tools to become more sophisticated professionals. We’ve changed the way we do business.  The real estate warrior of the future will be all about:


The Real Estate Warrior is always accessible. Always having access keeps you connected and part of the culture and company.


The Real Estate Warrior relies on people trusting each other and work how they feel is most efficient and productive


When agents share what they’re passionate about, customer service is improved. The brand is created by the people and is part of the collective.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR is a wireless junkie and are always on the lookout for places to connect to. Since they cannot work when places aren’t WiFi enabled, they use their iPads and iPhones to remain constantly connected.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR has their own or access to resources and equipment and use them to thrive in their business. THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR has resources often superior to those provided by mainstream brokerages.


The lines between work and personal locations blur. THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR adapts to where they are most productive.


Broad, engaged networks of meaningful contacts help THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR generate ideas, solve problem and stay relevant and up-to-date.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR focuses on improved processes and services and is always thinking about tools and ways to be more productive.


Offline, person-to-person interaction is an important part of THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR’s lifestyle.THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR often used online tools to facilitate offline relationships.


Adaptability and flexibility help THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR focus on commitments and personal pursuits equally, increasing productivity in both.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR is constantly looking for better ways to work. THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR values information-seekers and those who can think critically about their work processes.


Collaboration is key to producing information that is relevant to the industry. THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR thrives because they benefit from content others deliver and benefit from.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR moves from thoughts to collaboration to execution with blinding speed thank to the tools, processes and connection they cultivate.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR are doers. They act using their capable judgement rather than asking what should be done.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR always shares ideas, connections, time, and expertise, often for the benefit of the greater community.


Customization is key for REAL ESTATE WARRIORS, who are equipped with dozens of apps and platforms that allow them to work how, where, and when they want.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR is driven by diversity in people, interests, motivation and processes that come together seamlessly.


It’s all about new ideas for THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR, who isn’t concerned with status.


THE REAL ESTATE WARRIOR finds inspiration everywhere, and are filled with ideas and information they want to share, refine, and advance – and are happy helping others do the same.

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